I’m done

Right that’s it. I know I have to be patient but sitting around all day doing mostly nothing is irritating the hell out of me. 

I know I’m post op. I know I’m meant to be taking it easy. I know all this but I’m bored I’ve read so much and even started watching YouTube videos on how to learn guitar. Still rubbish at it. 

Hopefully Physio tomorrow will let me move forward a bit. 

Who’d have thought that recovery was so hard. 


Christmas light

The house is looking like Christmas might be coming. The kids were in charge of decorating this year and one side of the tree looks lovely, the other is bald. 

They are so proud of themselves. 

Think I might need to move some decorations when they go to bed tonight or just move that side of the tree to the front. 

Not so fast food

The boys wanted McDonald’s for dinner tonight but I’m not a huge fan of them eating there. So I made homemade baked chicken nuggets, homemade baked chips and homemade BBQ sauce. 

Sure it took longer but to hear from the boys “so much better dad thank you” makes it all worth while. 

Pity I didn’t make more for myself. 

A well cheese sandwich it is. 

Week 8

I didn’t turn up for my official weigh in this week but have been killing it at the gym. My legs are still sore after 2days and walking down stairs is an issue. 

100 weighted squats along with weighted lunges, burpees and skipping have taken there toll. Thankful tonight I’m on chest and arms so legs get a rest. 

On a side note my prolapsed disc isn’t getting better. Might need another trip to the doctors. 


I have came to a halt over the last few days. I haven’t been to the gym in 4 days and haven’t really been following my eating plans. I had toast the other night, which is the first time I’ve had beard in almost 4 weeks. 

Hot buttery toast. So bad but so good. 

Cold, wet, dark nights are leading to no motivation to go outside again, once home from work a warm fire and a glass of red wine seems a better idea. Need to kick start myself again and get back at it. 

Paying for a gym membership and not using it should be motivation enough. 

Summer bodies are made in winter. 

Cold day

The weekend has been a bit on the chilly side but it hasn’t stopped the adventures. I took Friday off work and decided to take the family on a day trip to Dublin. Boys had a fun day window shopping for santa lists and playing with the Christmas decorations in the shops. 

Rugby training on Saturday for the eldest and an afternoon of Pokémon hunting. 

Sunday finished 2 fidget toy hand spinners (not the best but the kids like them) visit from my parents and trip to the museum in Belfast. 

Cold days but fun had by all.