Post op

So it’s over and the road to recovery begins. 

Got out of hospital a few days ago and have spent a lot of time sleeping. 

Moving at the minute is still very slow but everyday I’m getting a bit better. 


Count down

Well I’m off to see the specialist about my back. It’s got to the stage where I need help to walk. 

Hopefully I’ll get sorted out. 

And then back to my normal life. Pun intended 

Gearing up

With Christmas just around the corner and most of the presents and shopping done. Just need to hear a bit of good news from my consultant about my back. Pain is getting worse every day. 

Spending most of my time flat at the mintue. Need a pick me up to get in the Christmas spirit 



I had a meeting with a back specialist last week as my back and leg are getting worse. 

Looks like more surgery is required. 

No more gym or any type of sport. 

Just what I need to hear before Christmas. 


Week 8

I didn’t turn up for my official weigh in this week but have been killing it at the gym. My legs are still sore after 2days and walking down stairs is an issue. 

100 weighted squats along with weighted lunges, burpees and skipping have taken there toll. Thankful tonight I’m on chest and arms so legs get a rest. 

On a side note my prolapsed disc isn’t getting better. Might need another trip to the doctors.