I’m done

Well with all the Christmas festivities over I’m about done. I really could not be bother with tomorrow night. 

Think I might stay in with the wife and kids and enjoy it with a good book and a lit fire. 

I can’t continue this party lifestyle any longer. 

Being entertained or entertaining has taken its toll. 

Happy new year to you all. 


Unsubscribe button?

At the start of this year I set out on a quest. The quest was to unsubscribe to junk mail that comes through my inbox. 

I use to get almost 36emails a day that where pointless junk. Moving them to the junk folder only worked for a short time. 

But that unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails not all of them work. 

I think some of them registered me again for more email updates. 

The quest continues. 


Gearing up

With Christmas just around the corner and most of the presents and shopping done. Just need to hear a bit of good news from my consultant about my back. Pain is getting worse every day. 

Spending most of my time flat at the mintue. Need a pick me up to get in the Christmas spirit 



I had a meeting with a back specialist last week as my back and leg are getting worse. 

Looks like more surgery is required. 

No more gym or any type of sport. 

Just what I need to hear before Christmas. 


Christmas light

The house is looking like Christmas might be coming. The kids were in charge of decorating this year and one side of the tree looks lovely, the other is bald. 

They are so proud of themselves. 

Think I might need to move some decorations when they go to bed tonight or just move that side of the tree to the front. 


Hide and lies

Coming up to Christmas and I have so many presents hidden around the house. 

No wonder people get stressed out at Christmas. 

Although I did put a jacket on that I have worn in ages and found a pair of earrings I was meant to give my wife last year. Bonus gift this year. 

I wonder how many presents have went to the charity shop or bin. 

Am I the only one that does this?