Mountain Bike

So I thought it would be a good idea to build a MTB instead of buying one. 

I had the frame and wheels from another project and wanted to build something to my needs. 

Every time I get to a certain stage though I am missing parts and need a trip to the shop or eBay. 

Think it would have been easier to buy a bike. 

Ah well. Maybe next weekend it’ll be finished. 

3rd weekend in a row I’ve said that. 


I’m done

Well with all the Christmas festivities over I’m about done. I really could not be bother with tomorrow night. 

Think I might stay in with the wife and kids and enjoy it with a good book and a lit fire. 

I can’t continue this party lifestyle any longer. 

Being entertained or entertaining has taken its toll. 

Happy new year to you all. 

Christmas light

The house is looking like Christmas might be coming. The kids were in charge of decorating this year and one side of the tree looks lovely, the other is bald. 

They are so proud of themselves. 

Think I might need to move some decorations when they go to bed tonight or just move that side of the tree to the front. 

Not so fast food

The boys wanted McDonald’s for dinner tonight but I’m not a huge fan of them eating there. So I made homemade baked chicken nuggets, homemade baked chips and homemade BBQ sauce. 

Sure it took longer but to hear from the boys “so much better dad thank you” makes it all worth while. 

Pity I didn’t make more for myself. 

A well cheese sandwich it is. 

Week 6 

Still not 100% in the wellness scale. I have been suffering from some sort of man flu/flu/cold sort of thing. Add this on top of my lack of gym time and I was afraid to get on the scales this morning. 

In saying that I have lost another 5lbs this week. I’m now below my original target weight. Although it’s not great being sick all weekend it’s had it’s benefits. 

I’ll just have to prepare my self that when I’m feeling better that the next few weeks weight is going back on. 

Cold day

The weekend has been a bit on the chilly side but it hasn’t stopped the adventures. I took Friday off work and decided to take the family on a day trip to Dublin. Boys had a fun day window shopping for santa lists and playing with the Christmas decorations in the shops. 

Rugby training on Saturday for the eldest and an afternoon of Pokémon hunting. 

Sunday finished 2 fidget toy hand spinners (not the best but the kids like them) visit from my parents and trip to the museum in Belfast. 

Cold days but fun had by all.