Pokémon go

Myself and 2 kids have been playing this game since it came out. I think it is genius. Getting parents who loved it as children, to interact outdoors with their children. 

I used to sometimes struggle to get the boys to walk but it’s so much easier when Pokémon are involved. 

I know it’s had it’s time and maybe starting to die off a bit but I’m still walking those eggs and trying to catch them all. 


Took the kids to see trolls. 

It’s an enjoyable watch, plenty of laughs with songs that will get stuck in your head for days. 

The story telling is pretty good, keeping the kids transfixed and the adults entertained. 

I liked it. One of the joys of having kids is able to go to watch cartoons at the cinema in the middle of the afternoon, without looking like a weirdo. 

7/10 in my opinion.