New year

So last year I decided that I would lose weight and change my clothes. I dropped almost 1 and a half stone in total (20lbs). Well the only thing I have challenged myself to do this year is to learn a new language and to keep the weight off. 

Here goes French. 

Cold day

The weekend has been a bit on the chilly side but it hasn’t stopped the adventures. I took Friday off work and decided to take the family on a day trip to Dublin. Boys had a fun day window shopping for santa lists and playing with the Christmas decorations in the shops. 

Rugby training on Saturday for the eldest and an afternoon of Pokémon hunting. 

Sunday finished 2 fidget toy hand spinners (not the best but the kids like them) visit from my parents and trip to the museum in Belfast. 

Cold days but fun had by all. 


Managed to get a new hair style today. For years I have been short back and sides. Today it’s longer and swipes to the side. 

Also the beard has less length to it. Instead of the long homeless look, it’s short close and neat. 

So change in clothes, change in appearance, gym work and weight loss. 

It’s all coming together. 


Sometimes it’s hard to motivate oneself to do anything. After a few weeks of gym, diet and change in style. I’ve come to a stop. 

I was meant to go to the gym tonight but when my wife said there was a show she wanted to go see I didn’t hesitate to say “sure, go ahead, I’ll stay and watch the kids, enjoy yourself” 

I will have to get back tomorrow to the gym but it’s always hard when the nights are dark, cold and windy. 

Excuses seem to come to easy. Need to be better. Need to try harder.