Christmas light

The house is looking like Christmas might be coming. The kids were in charge of decorating this year and one side of the tree looks lovely, the other is bald. 

They are so proud of themselves. 

Think I might need to move some decorations when they go to bed tonight or just move that side of the tree to the front. 


Not so fast food

The boys wanted McDonald’s for dinner tonight but I’m not a huge fan of them eating there. So I made homemade baked chicken nuggets, homemade baked chips and homemade BBQ sauce. 

Sure it took longer but to hear from the boys “so much better dad thank you” makes it all worth while. 

Pity I didn’t make more for myself. 

A well cheese sandwich it is. 

Cold day

The weekend has been a bit on the chilly side but it hasn’t stopped the adventures. I took Friday off work and decided to take the family on a day trip to Dublin. Boys had a fun day window shopping for santa lists and playing with the Christmas decorations in the shops. 

Rugby training on Saturday for the eldest and an afternoon of Pokémon hunting. 

Sunday finished 2 fidget toy hand spinners (not the best but the kids like them) visit from my parents and trip to the museum in Belfast. 

Cold days but fun had by all. 


I watched a video on how to make a fidget hand spinner toy and was inspired to make my own. Even bought a few extra pieces of material to make a few more. Possible stocking filler gift ideas. 

Turns out I’m not so good at DIY and the super easy project is not so super easy. 

I will stick at it and let you know how it goes. 


I got a call today that ever parent fears. Your child is being taken to hospital. 

Before I was told what had happened my heart was on the floor. 

Luckily it’s nothing too serious. He has a fractured arm. But he was such a trooper. I got to the hospital pretty quick, before he saw the doctor and was in awe as this 7 year old was telling him what happened and where it was sore. Next up X-ray again talking away the whole time. Plaster next and again no problems there, then we were final discharged. All in all a 2 hour turn around. As we got in the car he asked is it ok if I cry now cos it really hurts. He didn’t want anyone to know he was sad because it might make them sad. We sat in the car and hugged it out while he had his cry. 

I even had one myself. 

Pokémon go

Myself and 2 kids have been playing this game since it came out. I think it is genius. Getting parents who loved it as children, to interact outdoors with their children. 

I used to sometimes struggle to get the boys to walk but it’s so much easier when Pokémon are involved. 

I know it’s had it’s time and maybe starting to die off a bit but I’m still walking those eggs and trying to catch them all. 

Busy days

The last few days have been crazy. It feels like I haven’t stopped. Travelling around the countryside to drop off kids at parties and clubs they are part of. 

Of course none of the times line up so I’ve spent the majority of the time in the car. 

One of the things I did see though was a house decorated for Christmas. 

I was about to go off on a rant about how it was too early when my eldest said something that never crossed my mind. 

He said “Maybe they are having a Christmas party for someone who’s going away and won’t be around for Christmas”. 

There is always another way to look at things. He really did put me in my place.