No more cats

I posted the other day that my wife had rescued 2 new kittens. Turns out that they belong to some one who has been looking for them.

Very happy to be reunited with her kittens. 

Glad we could feed them and get them safe until their return home. 


So I came home from work today to find  2 new kittens have appeared in my house. 

My wife has rescued 2 kittens, we are now a 3 cat family. 

Pictures will follow at a later date as they are very shy. 

My hopes for a dog have been dashed again. 

Week 6 

Still not 100% in the wellness scale. I have been suffering from some sort of man flu/flu/cold sort of thing. Add this on top of my lack of gym time and I was afraid to get on the scales this morning. 

In saying that I have lost another 5lbs this week. I’m now below my original target weight. Although it’s not great being sick all weekend it’s had it’s benefits. 

I’ll just have to prepare my self that when I’m feeling better that the next few weeks weight is going back on.