I’m done

Right that’s it. I know I have to be patient but sitting around all day doing mostly nothing is irritating the hell out of me. 

I know I’m post op. I know I’m meant to be taking it easy. I know all this but I’m bored I’ve read so much and even started watching YouTube videos on how to learn guitar. Still rubbish at it. 

Hopefully Physio tomorrow will let me move forward a bit. 

Who’d have thought that recovery was so hard. 


Count down

Well I’m off to see the specialist about my back. It’s got to the stage where I need help to walk. 

Hopefully I’ll get sorted out. 

And then back to my normal life. Pun intended 

It’s been a while 

So I’ve been away for a bit. Not as in out of the country and exploring weird tropical islands that have no wifi. I just haven’t had anything to blog about. 

I have no real updates on the weight loss as I havent been to the gym in a while. 

I have had some pretty major back issues return and it hasn’t been pretty. 

I had to get a second MRI scan to see how much the discs in my back had moved and it’s looking like surgery is required. 

No gym, no sports, no anything really. I’ve kept up the healthy eating but I’ve got to the stage where I need to be exercising more to see better results. I can’t even go for a walk as it hurts too much. 

The surgery will hopefully happen in a few weeks and after that the long road to recovery. 

I’ve done this all before, 2 years ago, so I know what to expect. 

Wish me luck. I’ll be back. 


Week 7

Ok, so I was right, not as much as I thought but 2lbs back on, after my week of sickness. I have managed to get back to the gym and a new regime by my personal trainer.

I hurt today mind you but dam it feels good to be back. 

New goals have been set. 


Week 5

Not really any change this week. 1 lb off. Seems I might be slowing up on the weight loss front and might need to change up my routine. 

This means sore arms and legs again. 

All about the fitness. 



So a few things I found out tonight about swimming. 

First when swimming beside someone else in another lane, don’t race them, they don’t know you are racing them and they are probably a better swimmer. You are tiring yourself out. 

And second it makes you so hungry. 


Week 4 

Zero weight lost this week. I managed to stay the same weight, which is weird,as I have cut a lot out of my diet over the past month. 

In total I have lost half a stone in a month. 

Need to get more exercise.