Rock n roll

It has been a full week between work, gym and general life it feels like I haven’t stopped. 

But it’s the weekend and it’s 9.30pm


I’m in bed. 

I know pretty rock n roll but I am done. Tomorrow if a bit of a crazy day and I’ve been saying for ages a early night is needed, so tonight’s that night


Now you see me 2. 

Went to the cinema to see Now you see me 2. Very impressive. I enjoyed the concept and with its many twists and turns you are certainly left guessing. It’s good to see a quality cast make a good movie. So many times have I looked at the cast and thought how could this go wrong and it does. But for this Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco and Mark Ruffalo pull together to make a great movie. 

Worth a watch for sure. 

Cat joy?

I really have a love/hate relationship with my cat. I fell over her twice today, not from her hiding in unsuspecting places and me not noticing , but more she walked directly under my feet. 

Now I know that my legs are a bit wobbly from the gym yesterday and my reactions aren’t as quick as usual but does she really have to test me in this way. 

Also for the last 30 mintues she has been outside the back door meowing, thinking that she wants let in. Every time I open the door she looks at me then walks away. Twice I thought she wanted to show me something but no. Just walks to the garden bench jumps up, lies down and meows some more. 

Is she protesting from me tripping on her. 

Week 1 review

So after the first week of life change status, I have had a bit of a bumpy start. The gym sessions are painful and the eating plan went out the window over the weekend. All in all the weight is down slightly. 2lbs off. 

Gym session yesterday was good. My body is starting to get use to it (still sore but not as much). Eating habits are back to healthy. So off to a good start. 


So. That was a great weekend. Golf was good, friends are great and the fun never stopped. It was sad leaving this morning knowing that our little golfing group will not be meeting up again till next April but it make it better when it starts again. Goals for next years golf are to be more consistent hole more putts and get rid of my back issues. 


The down side to having a weekend away with the guys is the diet goes out the window. Chips, beer and a lack of exercise is messing with the new change in my life. I know that the diets always start on a Monday but mine, it really has to this week.  

Although my friend Craig managed to leave the chips alone. 

I need  more will power.