New kitten

So we recused a kitten from Assisi a local animal rehousing centre. 

We named him figaro or fig for short. 

He has so far wreck the curtains, plucked the sofa to bits and tortures our older cat Tilly, who is past play time. 

But he loves making caves and getting cuddles. 

We love him a lot. 

Cat joy?

I really have a love/hate relationship with my cat. I fell over her twice today, not from her hiding in unsuspecting places and me not noticing , but more she walked directly under my feet. 

Now I know that my legs are a bit wobbly from the gym yesterday and my reactions aren’t as quick as usual but does she really have to test me in this way. 

Also for the last 30 mintues she has been outside the back door meowing, thinking that she wants let in. Every time I open the door she looks at me then walks away. Twice I thought she wanted to show me something but no. Just walks to the garden bench jumps up, lies down and meows some more. 

Is she protesting from me tripping on her. 


For almost 20 minutes I sat and watched Tilly stare into space. I have to admit 20 mintues is a long time to watch nothing. But it is also intriguing to watch an animal. The way they can stay still and not move. So still. I tried to see what she was staring at but nothing. I did start to freak out by the end as it was getting dark, and I honestly thought I saw a shadow. 

I’m now in the house doors locked all the lights on. 


I never thought I was a cat person until I had one. 

My cat Tilly is always a source of amusement wether it’s jumping into walls when she gets scared of a tv remote control or meowing at the back door but only to see what’s on the other side never to go out. She is not an out door cat by any means preferring to stay curled up on a sofa sleeping the day away. I would love to know what she sees when she stares into the dark corner of a room when there is clearing nothing there.