Count down

Well I’m off to see the specialist about my back. It’s got to the stage where I need help to walk. 

Hopefully I’ll get sorted out. 

And then back to my normal life. Pun intended 


Week 4 

Zero weight lost this week. I managed to stay the same weight, which is weird,as I have cut a lot out of my diet over the past month. 

In total I have lost half a stone in a month. 

Need to get more exercise. 

Week 1 review

So after the first week of life change status, I have had a bit of a bumpy start. The gym sessions are painful and the eating plan went out the window over the weekend. All in all the weight is down slightly. 2lbs off. 

Gym session yesterday was good. My body is starting to get use to it (still sore but not as much). Eating habits are back to healthy. So off to a good start.