Post op

So it’s over and the road to recovery begins. 

Got out of hospital a few days ago and have spent a lot of time sleeping. 

Moving at the minute is still very slow but everyday I’m getting a bit better. 


Nap time

It’s funny when you have all the motivation in the world go to the gym and end up sitting on the sofa and fall asleep. I missed the class I was booked into, almost missed bed time story’s with the kids. 

I didn’t know I was that tired. Maybe an early night tonight. 


It’s a pain when you can’t get comfortable to sleep and you end up staring at the dark space between you eyes and the ceiling. I know they say you should never lift your phone as the light from the screen can effect the sleep pattern, but I’ve been laying here for 3 hours. 

The pattern is broken 


Getting older 

I normally don’t mind Monday’s. I find the day goes slightly quicker than normal. That was until today. 2 day hangovers are a sign that the glory days are over. No longer can I go out on a Saturday night with friends and be fine to play football or golf on a Sunday. Now when I go out it takes 2 days to recover and it wasn’t even a heavy night. That’s the worst bit. 

I have turned into a light weight on the party seen.