I got a call today that ever parent fears. Your child is being taken to hospital. 

Before I was told what had happened my heart was on the floor. 

Luckily it’s nothing too serious. He has a fractured arm. But he was such a trooper. I got to the hospital pretty quick, before he saw the doctor and was in awe as this 7 year old was telling him what happened and where it was sore. Next up X-ray again talking away the whole time. Plaster next and again no problems there, then we were final discharged. All in all a 2 hour turn around. As we got in the car he asked is it ok if I cry now cos it really hurts. He didn’t want anyone to know he was sad because it might make them sad. We sat in the car and hugged it out while he had his cry. 

I even had one myself. 


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